About US:

Workforce Monitor is an independent information service published in partnership with the Program on Skills, Credentials & Workforce Policy (PSCWP) at George Washington University. 

Our mission is to keep up with the abundance of literature on the broad topic of workforce development (WFD) and its relationship to education.  We write and publish summaries on the erudite literature along with relevant feature articles that, combined, help to explain all the issues, trends, and strategies related to WFD and education. We are committed to developing a robust community of knowledge for educators, workforce development management and staff, policymakers, employers, and students so that they can navigate the complex credential and labor force marketplace with confidence. In short, we are trying to make the education and workforce development arena more transparent for all.

Every day another interesting and important article, special report, white paper, scholarly academic paper, or book chapter on WFD by a knowledgeable professional splashes across the internet. We read the headlines and titles, download the reports, etc. and never quite have enough time to get through it all. We may bookmark the information in an online favorites folder that grows and grows. We may place it on our desktop as a visible reminder to read later when we have more time. We may even email it to ourselves as a reminder or write a note on our calendar to read later. In the end, the whole process can often feel like a futile attempt to save time. 

At Workforce Monitor, we save you time by summarizing, categorizing, and publishing the most salient aspects of the vast array of literature on WFD and its relationship to education. We also provide direct links to the original literature we summarize, so you can go directly to the original source for a more expansive view. 

And we write our own feature articles based on interviews with industry leaders along with referencing the most current research. 

Finally, we publish a weekly newsletter that includes our Editors’ Picks of the most interesting articles and reports we have recently discovered. Check out our Revue newsletter for a view of past issues and consider subscribing. The newsletter is meant to keep you apprised and regularly reminded of what’s going on in the field, with links to all of our most recent summaries and articles.  Browse through our expanding compendium of summaries and feature articles. We are building a substantial resource, having launched in mid-January 2021. Drop us a line at glorenzo@wfmonitor.com and tell us what you’d like to see, or feel to offer up some constructive criticism. Let us know how we can help save one of your most precious resources: TIME. 


George Lorenzo is the writer and editor of Workforce Monitor. In 2000, he launched Educational Pathways (EdPath) a monthly, in-print, paid-subscription newsletter with articles strictly about online  higher education (now a free, bi-weekly, curated eNewsletter). In addition to EdPath, George’s independent  research, writing, editing, and publishing services have been provided to institutions, publishers,  and organizations, including the Rochester Institute of Technology, Michigan State University, the  University of California, Fort Hayes State University, Northern American University, Ferris State  University, Rio Salado College, the Sloan Consortium, WCET, EDUCAUSE, Blackboard, Prometheus,  eCollege, University Business, EdSurge, Fast Company, PBS, and most recently the Association of  Public & Land-Grant Universities.

Salvatore Lorenzo is the Word Press Web Designer and a content writer of Workforce Monitor. He’s responsible for the main design and function of the Workforce Monitor website. In addition, he writes feature articles and contributes summaries of resources. Sal is a working-class college student who understands the common challenges faced by students trying to maintain a decent living while completing a degree. You can contact him at slorenzo@wfmonitor.com.