Workforce Monitor is an independent website and weekly newsletter published in partnership with the Program on Skills, Credentials & Workforce Policy (PSCWP) at George Washington University (GW). In that capacity, PSCWP is a value-added scholarly research, networking, and publishing partner who assists with further developing meaningful content on workforce development issues, trends, and strategies.

Created in 2020, PSCWP develops actionable knowledge about the U.S. labor market, communicates that knowledge to students and stakeholders, and facilitates its use by practitioners and policymakers. PSCWP gives special attention to the production and use of skills and credentials ─ and to the implications for equity and broadly shared prosperity. 

PSCWP builds on GW’s exceptional concentration of experts in postsecondary education, workforce development, credentialing systems, evaluation research, and related areas. Its faculty affiliates represent a range of disciplines, departments, and schools at GW. Plans are also underway to engage scholars and practitioners outside of GW as affiliates, visiting scholars, and members of forums and advisory councils. PSCWP’s Non-Degree Credential Research Network (NCRN) represents one example of that outside engagement already taking place. NCRN is a group of more than 170 researchers and stakeholder representatives funded by Lumina Foundation.  

Research Partners:

The California-based National Laboratory for Education Transformation (NLET) is a research and development nonprofit focusing on education-to-employment solutions, on systemic improvement in math education, including “work-ready” math and on state-level comparative K-12 data systems designed for outcomes and equity results. NLET generally supports other nonprofits and for-profits that have developed modern technology and data platforms that need to be tested in the marketplace, be part of research studies, and need to scale to provide accessible and affordable solutions for institutions and individuals. 

Interested in becoming a Research Partner? Contact George Lorenzo, editor and publisher of Workforce Monitor at