Workforce Monitor welcomes non-fiction feature article submissions (not opinions) from professionals in the field of workforce development and education. We also welcome story ideas for us to write, as well as suggestions to interview individuals for special profile pieces. In addition, if you have an article that seems to fit with our editorial that you own the rights to and have already published, we would consider republishing it here with your permission provided that it is timely, not overly advertisement oriented, and is no longer than 1,500 words in length. 

Guidelines for Article Submission
We’re looking for feature articles that are approximately 800 words to 1,500 words in length that fit within any of the topics listed in our CATEGORIES section. To get a sense for how our feature articles are written and published, please see the feature article section of the Workforce Monitor website.  If this is something you are interested in doing, please send over a “pitch” that outlines what your article will cover. Send your pitch to George Lorenzo via email at Please make your pitch straight to the point and no longer than three paragraphs, if possible. Please give us 48 hours to one week to respond on whether or not your pitch has been accepted. If you don’t hear from us within one week, then you can consider your pitch has not being accepted. 

Guidelines for Story Ideas and Interview Suggestions
Also send any story ideas and/or interview suggestions for profile pieces to George Lorenzo via email at We’re looking for stories that get to the heart of the issues, trends & strategies of workforce development’s relationship to K-12 through higher education. We are interested in doing profiles of solid non-profit and for-profit companies and organizations that are doing extraordinary work in the field.  

Guidelines for Articles Already Published Somewhere Else
Please submit full articles (no longer than 1,500 words) as a word document attachment to George Lorenzo via email at We will respond within 48 hours to one week. If you don’t hear from us within one week, then you can consider your article has not being accepted.

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to pay writers at this time.